About the Author, John Dorris

John is a Founding Associate at Sino Associates.

As a Founding Associate he works to develop and build a “tribe” of  independent experts, trainers, and consultants who want to share best practices and work independently from other companies.  His work takes him across China and Asia working with companies in different industries and backgrounds delivering engagement development projects and facilitation.

John holds his degree from the University of Oklahoma in Socio-Cultural Anthropology.  He uses anthropological research methodology in designing consulting and facilitation projects and solutions.  His original research into the rise of alternative power structures among disenfranchised social groups has provided valuable insight into why some groups engage and others disengage in the workplace.

As a Sino Associates “tribal-founder” John is committed to reducing the layers between actual service providers and clients looking for change and development services.  John and the Sino core team feel one of the biggest threats to independent experts are third party sales people mis-selling services and weakening independent provider brand.  He believes in removing the middle man and helping service providers go directly to their clients.  To learn more about Sino-Associates go to our website www.sino-associates.com.

John has lived in cities across China and Asia and speaks Italian and Mandarin Chinese in addition to his native English.


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